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Using Etsy Search Effectively

As a regular Etsy Seller and Buyer, I browse the forums on a daily basis.

One of the common concerns I see from Sellers and Buyers is that "Search is Broken"

In my experience, it is not. You just need to know how to use it.

Etsy search states clearly how their search engine works.

They also offer the searcher a pretty large list of "tips" to aid in finding what they need via search.

From Etsy

• Add more words to narrow it down
ex: who it's for, color, material, category
• NOT eliminates words
• "Quotes" searches for phrases in items: tags and titles
• Narrow your search with items: tags only
• Broaden your search with items: tags, titles and descriptions
• Find sellers: sellers: usernames
• Sort by price or date listed

Using these tips, I am able to find almost EXACTLY what I am looking for using search.

A common concern is the "bleed" of vintage and supplies. This is VERY easy to remedy; Simple include the terms "not vintage" and "not supplies" in your search terms.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. tag abuse, user error and misunderstanding of the tag system by sellers can lead to search results that do not belong.

This does NOT mean Search is broken. It means someone is using the wrong tag to describe their items, or possibly using separate words that match but may be unrelated.

For example, if a fabric is called "blue glass" it may come up in my search results. This does not mean search is broken. I asked it to find the terms "blue glass"

Try using quotes to refine your search if you find a bleed over from similar but unrelated tags.

If you find an item that is a clear tag abuse offender (say a red baby blanket in the above search) Use the "report this item to Etsy" link, and move on to the next item.

Remember, Vintage and Supplies ARE allowed, but they must be tagged appropriately, and in the appropriate primary category. If you see an Item that is abusing tags, such as commercial beads in the “jewelery” main category, report it to Etsy.

Etsy Search Help Guide

Happy searching!

(Originally Published on Qassia )

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