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A progressive stack of czech fire polished glass, reminiscent of a burning flame. Deep garnet red at the base, up to a pale buttery yellow, with progressing reds and oranges in between.

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Double Your Pleasure Hoops

Two hoops in one!

The larger hoop is strung with red delica beads, and the smaller, inner hoop with aqua delica beads.

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Retail Availability & Craft Shows, Too!

My work will *SOON* Be in Follow Your Dreams, a Small but Diverse Boutique in Downtown Minocqua WI.

Lots of exclusive items only available at Follow Your Dreams.

How soon is "Soon"?

As soon as I can. ;)

(When it rains, it pours, as they say)

First Craft Show of Summer 2008 is Monday, May 26, 8AM to 3PM, at the St. Germain Ball Park.

And every Monday there after.
More dates to come as things "solidify"

Gift Certificates for the etsy shop will be available at the St. Germain Shows on Mondays, if you just can not decide what to get, or if you want to send one as a gift.

There will be Craft Show Exclusives as well, just to shake things up a a bit.

Hope to see you there!

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Treasury Feature - Cowardly Elephants

PicturesofLily was kind enough to feature my Earth Die, Die, My Darling Pendant in her recent treasury.

The list features a wide array of yellow items, harmoniously pairs with one another to form a beautiful list of etsy features.

Click the picture to visit the list, and if you're an etsy user leave her a comment about her great list.

As an added bonus, use the promo code "Treasury" when you buy any item with the tag "yellow" in my shop to 3 dollars off!

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Pink Punch

Pale Pink Lucite beads, wrapped in fine silver wire and topped with a frost pink glass bead.

A lovely pair for a spring bride or as a graduation gift.

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Lovely little rings of sterling silver, hand formed and soldered together by me and hung from handmade by me sterling silver ear wires.

A milky opal flower bead hangs from each ring trio.

The earrings are then oxidized to create a bold contrast of black matte and shining beads

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Etsy Love - GudonyaToo

Winter is harsh on your hair. The -20 temps and blowing wind can turn my head into a straw stack.

I trimmed all the dead ends and wondered, how can i prevent this?

After a bit of internet digging i could the culprit may be a detergent on most commercial shampoos called sodium lauryl sulfate, it is very drying and though a powerful cleaner and foaming agent, it strips your hair of oils and nutrients, something I surely did not need more of.

I searched etsy for a rich creamy, yet super cleansing shampoo and came across GudoonyaToo's Salty Dawg at a recommendation for the etsy forums.

I ordered and got it the same day I got a big old glob of PINE SAP in my hair while cleaning the yard.

I rubbed a bit on my sappy locks and let it set a moment and then hopped in the shower and used lots of water, and it said to on the label.

My hair emerged super clean and SHINY! and seemed to soak up a lot more of my conditioner than it used to, and I have less frizz and dryness since I started using it.

So, go get yourself some, it's a wonderful alternative to the bottles at the salon, and cheaper to boot.

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Etsy Love - Tea For All Reasons

i recently stumbled onto Tea For All Reasons etsy shop while reading a forum thread.

It was the Night before my birthday, so why not, I thought!

I begged my hubby for the last of his PayPal and got a few sample packs, because it all looked so good i could not decide.

I got the tea about 3 days later, and i STILL can't decide. Each tea is rich and flavorful, and made with such high quality ingredients, I find my self staring at the tea jar now, wondering which one to make for my after work brew.

Tea For All Reason offer Custom Tea as well, perfect for a Wedding, baby shower or anniversary party!

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