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Sweeney Todd!

I've had a borderline obsession with "The Barber" since High School Drama Club. ( Boy, that makes me feel so very old)

Imagine my glee when i heard that Tim Burton was to direct the film adaptation. With Johnny Depp in the title role to boot.

I waited and waited until April 1st for the DVDs release and was devastated to find that NO store within a 70 mile radius of me had the 2 Disc Edition.

So i got online and ordered it.

To pass the time waiting for my DVDs arrival, I browsed Etsy
and discovered some amazing work, from the adorable impulse buys to the heirloom art piece.

I found this amazingly adorable wallet from mibolsa
and Just had to snap it up before someone did. It arrived today, along with my DVD, and i couldn't be more impressed with the perfectness of it.

So well made, the wallet boasts room for your dollars and a few credit cards.

Made of recycled materials, it's sure to be the envy of everyone, and It's all mine!

Of course, mibolsa was not the only one inspired by the Barber. With the thousands of amazing artists on Etsy, you can bet there are more to see.

IzaMalcyk's Amazing necklace, though FAR out of my price range, pays beautiful homage to Todd's "Friends", his ever trusty blades.

Fully functioning and crafted of sterling silver and rubies, it is true genius to behold. I can see Mrs. Lovett wearing this, bought will her nefarious pie shop spoils.

There are buttons, art prints and more to be found; something for every price range and obsession level.

So check out these amazing items on Etsy and enjoy Tim Burtons vision of Sweeney Todd everyday.

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