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Etsy Love - GudonyaToo

Winter is harsh on your hair. The -20 temps and blowing wind can turn my head into a straw stack.

I trimmed all the dead ends and wondered, how can i prevent this?

After a bit of internet digging i could the culprit may be a detergent on most commercial shampoos called sodium lauryl sulfate, it is very drying and though a powerful cleaner and foaming agent, it strips your hair of oils and nutrients, something I surely did not need more of.

I searched etsy for a rich creamy, yet super cleansing shampoo and came across GudoonyaToo's Salty Dawg at a recommendation for the etsy forums.

I ordered and got it the same day I got a big old glob of PINE SAP in my hair while cleaning the yard.

I rubbed a bit on my sappy locks and let it set a moment and then hopped in the shower and used lots of water, and it said to on the label.

My hair emerged super clean and SHINY! and seemed to soak up a lot more of my conditioner than it used to, and I have less frizz and dryness since I started using it.

So, go get yourself some, it's a wonderful alternative to the bottles at the salon, and cheaper to boot.

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