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Etsy Love - RecoveryBabe

An Etsy Forum, and now chat, regular, Recovery Babe is not only a VERY well known etsy member, ( if you know why, you know why, if you don't, i'm not telling) but a effin' awesome artist.

my first experience with RB's work was when I saw a link to her Zodiac paintings, and picked up an Aries Painting for myself, being an April birthday girl. RB was friendly and funny, a class act through and through.

I got my painting quickly, lovingly wrapped like a gift, and I promptly framed it an hung it on my wall. Immediate notice was taken by all guests of my living room.

So get over to her shop, and get your self an awe inspiring piece of art, and a new pal.

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RecoveryBabe said...

you are too sweet! Glad you and your guests like it.


Unknown said...

I love Rbabe. She's the sweetest... And I know why.... Some people just can't handle an honest and forthright person!