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Note to self.....

65 Lb Rolling Mill + Bare Feet = BAD!

The television in the office/studio has left us. Poor thing. It's so old it has a nob. You know, a little turny dial to change the channel and adjust the volume.
Pre-Remote Control.

In fact, it's the TV I watched as a young child at my Grandmother's House.

So 25 years is a pretty good life span for a TV, me thinks.

Rather than move the TV stand, I took the initiative to move my metal smithing equipment off of my floor and onto something a *little* more usable.

It's not an ideal solution, of course, but far better than what it was before.

Plus it frees up about 3 feet of floor space, which means less stubbed toes at 4AM when I come into print shipping labels for overnight orders before heading off to work by 5AM.


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Christopher And Tia said...

Work by 5am?! That sounds awful, haha. And so does stubbed toes. Youch. And I thought my tv was old...

Paw and Claw Designs said...

It's actually kinda nice. I'm done by 3PM most days.

come winter it's only 2 or 3 days a week but still, it's not so bad.

the sure fire way to get a sale?

have to leave extra early and rush around to get it ready to pop in the box before you leave.

on my days off, hardly a peep ;)