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Look up there.

Up top.

See that neat little bar?.

The ad bar is by a site called Project Wonderful, a site that enables you to "bid" on ad space.

How much for those ads up there ?

2 cents a day.

So, why are they there?

One, I will only be approving ads from handmade artists and related sites. Many of those spots are currently filled by fellow etsy sellers I have spoken with personally many times, and even bought from, so i know they are "good eggs"

The second reason it because I also have PW ads out there. Though affordable, they DO cost money. That ad bar allows me to generate the funds I need to place my ads around other blogs, sites and forums on the web. Having the bar on MY blog means I don't have to take the money I earn selling my work and invest it in advertising. That means I can keep my prices as low as possible.

Regular blog readers ( yes, all 7 of you) will notice the ads change. Thats because you can be "outbid" on the ad space. I highly doubt my rate will ever climb as high as some other handmade sites, such as IndiePublic or WeLoveEtsy. My daily posts are just not that entertaining.

So, If you have a Project Wonderful account, bid on some cheap sponsor space. I plan to do my best to make the blog more interesting by adding helpful tutorials and tips I've learned through etsy, and features of favorite sellers, buyers and blogs.

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