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Sellers? Have you Seen ArtFire?

ArtFire is an amazing new venue that gives handmade sellers everything they've been dreaming of for less than most pay for their etsy shops or eBay stores each month.

  • Stats
  • One Page Listings
  • One Click Relists
  • Sale Mode
  • In Shop Blog
  • Customizable Storefront
Right now, they are offering $7 per month for life verified artisan status, but sign up is limited to 5000 users.

That's about the cost of one listing a day on Etsy, with BETTER shop tools.

ArtFire invests it revenue's in Advertizing; Print ads, Project Wonderful, Google Sponsor results and more, so buyers have a greater chance of stumbling across your store than with other selling venues.

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RocketScienceShop said...

Did you say STATS?!?! :)

Paw and Claw Designs said...

Yup..i can SEE where my click come from.

It's been quite enlightening :)