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Science Is Your Friend!

Irondog must love science a lot to call it their "friend"

But really, who doesn't?

I mean, now that we're out of school and don't HAVE to deal with it and be graded on our performance , it's "fun", right?

Irondog picked some awesome science related items for the treasury "Science is your Friend"

Including my Uranium earrings, Part of my Elements GeekeryLine.

You can request a custom elements item, earrings, key chains, necklaces, you name it. What ever element you like, I can work with it ;)

I've even spelled words.

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High Desert Diva said...

Very cool

and I agree, now that I don't have to be tested on Science, I can enjoy it more

Jen said...

I've seen some of these "sciency" items before and I love it! I guess I always was a bit of a geek, but they're definitely awesome.

Victoria said...

Cool treasury!