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Please Vote for Me In The Etsy Shop Makeover Series!

The "Die, Die My Darling" Pendant has been chosen as a finalist in The Etsy Blog Shop Makeover Series! The items up for vote are a selection of shop makeover participants top selling items.

Shop Makeover is a Great Etsy Blog series to help both new and seasoned sellers make there very best of their Etsy Shops.

After reading a short blurb regarding the use of color in product photography, My shop underwent such a transformation that even Etsy admin took notice, and chose my shop as a finalist :D

Cast You Vote Today!
(Preferably for me, please. wink, wink)

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NewLifeDesigns said...

You got my vote, I love the color you put in your pics, it really makes it stand out! Great work! Pam

Linda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
niftyknits said...

interesting feature, I shall go have a really good look at your shop's photos now.

Chrisy said...

Oh the red one looks stunning ... good luck with the voting ....

moxylyn said...

Thats very cool, I didn't even know that was on Etsy. I tried to vote for you but it said it was disabled at noon today :(