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What a Great '08!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of s stickler for prompt book keeping.

So here it is, not even 9AM on January 1st, and my 2008 Book work is just about done.

I have to say, i was pleasantly surprised. My Direct and Retail Sales, as well as my Online sales, both increased by at least double from 2007.

This came as quite a shock, considering that what I make is not an essential expense, and everyone is cutting spending.

I can only deduce that despite hard financial times, the lessons i have learned first hand and by example over the years have improved my ability to offer great handmade products, and that's something people are willing to pay for.

What a great way to start my 2009!

So what ARE my plans for 2009, you ask?

  • Expand My Artfire shop, to include some staple items and exclusive One-of-a-Kind items
  • Redesign the layout my Local Show Booth; to allow for more product availability and (perhaps) on site customization
  • Reconfigure my expenses to be able to offer gift wrap on ALL online orders
  • Continue to refine and perfect my metalworking to offer more sterling and copper designs
  • Expand Local Retail Availability
and so on.

Looking back on 2008, I realized I learned more this year than I have in previous years combined.

I learned how to spot a great retail outlet ( and a terrible one) , how to add those little extra things to orders without increasing product costs, that a few core suppliers can meet my needs far better than trying to find the cheapest price when I need more stock, and that diversifying my product lines can only lead to more happy customers.

I've already got great plans and goals set for 2009 and beyond. The Valentine's pieces are in the tumbler as we speak, and I placed an order for affordable and lightweight gift boxes just yesterday.

Here's to a great 2009 for myself, and for everyone!
Thank you all so much for your continued support!

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AnniKae said...

Hi! I found your blog address on the etsy forum and thought that I'd stop by. Great earrings you have pictured. Sounds like your new year is off to a great start. You're welcome to check out my blog anytime.
Be sure to say 'hi' if you stop by.