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Handmade Love -Auntie Di's De-lites

My first experience with Auntie Di was over 2 years ago, when I was in the good ol' etsy red chat room, whining about a horrible head cold i had.

Di had a soap shop at the time, and showed me her amazing Sinus Soother soap. I bought a bar and it arrived quick and cleared my head better than that nasty drugstore stuff.

I was hooked.

Di eventually sold the soap shop, but I can still get my fix of heavenly scents with her soy wax candles.

I just bought a 6 pack, and they are meant to be gift, but i have a sneaking suspicion they might never leave my living room.

Di's selection of candles is vast and diverse, so I can stand to give a few away, right? Well, We'll see.

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Natural Candles said...

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